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About Us


Since its inception in 1995, The Delhi School of Communication (DSC) has nurtured many of India’s top creatives, storytellers, marketers and strategists who have not just thrived in the world of communication but are also helping shape its future.

We welcome you to be a part of DSC which has always stood out by miles in the world of academia. Right at the outset, DSC shunned the standard modules of learning that don’t change for years at institutions.

Instead, We concerted an all-out effort to craft a flagship integrated marketing communications programme that has evolved and innovated at the same pace as the industry, and sometimes even faster.

The two-year programme is an eclectic mix of academics, intense projects and two full-time internships at India’s leading agencies which hardwire DSC students to take on the industry by the horns. As a DSC student, you build a career instead of doing a job that comes your way.

  • Job Vs Career
  • Selection of a School
  • WHY DSC ?
Job Career
May not be the area of work an individual wants. A career is always shaped by what an individual desires and prepares for. It is an open secret to creative, personal and financial satisfaction. A career is the bridge between your dreams and opportunities you create.
May not be a continuous process of learning and growth. A career is an amalgamation of continuous growth and education thus providing satisfactory wherewithal.
May not utilise the skills that an individual prepares for throughout student life. A career is where an individual puts knowledge gained to good use and in the process learn bigger things.
A stop-gap arrangement that is eventually, sometimes begrudgingly, accepted as a career path. A career takes flight as soon as you begin arming yourself with the right tools. With the right training, you shape your own future
Low satisfaction with a constant feeling of how things could have been better with the right tools. A career provides incremental happiness and satisfaction with a strong feeling of security right from the beginning.

A model institution should …

  1. Equip students with knowledge and its effective evolution into wisdom.
  2. Encourage the process of self-discovery.
  3. Build the right attitude, as a critical constituent of its ethos and the surrounding
  4. Edify effective time and stress management
  5. Help build the right network for greater connectivities
  6. Provide all-round exposure including both academic and professional in its
    endeavour to create leaders.
Time Period and Qualification 2 yrs full-time, may/may not Dual qualification 2 yrs full-time MMC + PGDPC
No. of institutes Too many to count Pioneer in Integrated Marcommunications In India
Areas of Specialization Students opt for any 1 of the 3-4 specializations 3 specializations covered in the course
Faculty Mostly in-house with a few guests Upto 70% experts and guests bringing delivering the latest.
No. of hrs of study Most MBA’s – 700 – 800 hrs 1500 hrs aprox
Class size Varies from 50 – 200 Upto 40 only
Work Experience:Training and Internship Upto two months summer internships Min 5 months Internship
3 -8 months Apprenti8ceships
Total of 8 – 12 months of learning by doing and imbibing professionalism
Earnings during the course Internship stipend Cumulative earning bt/w 40 k- 75k
Fees 12-20 lakhs 5.5 lakh.

Since its inception, 27 years ago, The Delhi School of Communication (DSC) pioneered the concept of Apprenticeship (half-day work) along with classes being held in the first half of the day.

Learning –by-doing acquired a certain ingrained value. It became holistic in building the right attitude, appreciating the self. Managing time and stress are also critical learnings imbibed during the course through intense training.

DSC was also the first to introduce an intense course on Cultural studies since 1995.Today the importance of this subject becomes significantly critical in the context of Marshal McLuhan’s global village.

The subect of E- business was introduced in 1999 and entertainment marketing began in 2000. These subjects were taught when the industry was still at a nascent stage. Today these subjects are a part of business; event management and public relations .They also encourage self- employment!

Our pedagogy is filled with workshops, presentations, business games. Schooling you through professionalism is a reality for each student. The small class size assures close monitoring, intense counseling and mentoring.

The faculty are practicing managers, presidents, vice – presidents, directors form the industry and senior educationists.

Awards and scholarships for academic and non- academic achievements are an integral part of the evaluation criteria. Students also participate in the evaluation process by, voting for a candidate, for some of the critical awards.

We are, passionate and serious about our contribution to your future.

We started an INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION PROGRAM – 25 years ago, today it is in sync with the requirements of a rapidly evolving industry. We are proud that DSC has participated in the evolution of this industry and in Building Young India.


Job Vs Career



Creating your own identity takes a combination of hopeful effort, invaluable exposure to the right people and continuously building on skills required to lead the future of marketing communication. When it comes to connecting with the consumer, always “push the envelope” and “innovate”.



Classroom learning and thinking are incomplete without marketing communication adventures in the real world. The DSC curriculum for over two decades provides for apprenticeships and two mandatory internships at top agencies and companies for its students so when they graduate, they are industry-ready.



Our flagship program has produced leaders across major MNCs in India and abroad. The key? DSC students get to explore the breadth and depth of innovation and strategy in core areas of marketing communications. By the end of the curriculum, students know exactly which field they want to enter and we assist them to get there.

Delhi School of Communication
Delhi School of Communication
Delhi School of Communication