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The Founder’s Vision


‘Touching lives to enrich them intellectually.’


This was the vision with which acclaimed Marketing & Management Guru, Late Professor Surojit Lahiri founded the Delhi School of Communication (DSC). DSC has and shall always endeavour to uphold this vision, for we know that he’s still overseeing the school’s growth from the heavens above. He lives on in DSC…. and always will.


Even a brief study of his past will reveal constant intellectual introspection combined with an endless zeal to make a difference – be it for peers or later his students.


From his early education at Rishi Valley School (RVS), to his proud stint in the Indian Army – he excelled in all that he did. It was an intense desire to explore an intellectually stimulating environment that propelled Prof. Lahiri into his first job at the ITC in 1971. This was the beginning of a very productive corporate life. He soon moved to Wipro, Jagjit Industries and later to the Times Group. It was at TOI, where he embarked on his journey into the world of academics, when he headed the Times School of Marketing. This is where he found his life’s calling, and the dream to spearhead an educational institution was born. This dream is what helped shape the closely knit family, known as the Delhi School of Communication.


Since its inception, DSC as an institution has continuously been introspective and hence, futuristic in its programme content and delivery.


Prof. Lahiri envisioned and strategized the institution to be a place of holistic learning, where the self evolved alongside the knowledge impetus. At every stage, new knowledge was added to the programme, even as the old one was refined and rejuvenated, keeping pace with changing market technologies and India’s evolution as a consumer of content.


The 2-year flagship programme was Prof. Lahiri’s brainchild. Ever since, DSC has walked the path of ideating its requirements into practicality through a powerful synergy of theory and practice. At DSC, we are confident that when you are a part of this institution, you’ll understand the difference DSC will bring to your skills that no other institution in India can.


This is the legacy that Prof. Surojit Lahiri has left behind.


Delhi School of Communication
Delhi School of Communication
Delhi School of Communication