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From Classroom to Boardroom: The Practical Approach of The Delhi School of Communication

New age career options are rapidly emerging in the field of mass communications. Once upon a time, one took off with basic career options in advertising, journalism and public relations – which were restricted to simple client servicing, for print/TV ads to press releases in public relations and reporting in journalism.

Today the new normal is ‘digital’. With the entry of digital space and media and with form and style of entertainment management, career options are varied. The situation has changed. But DSC has always had an eye on the market and has evolved too, to keep up with the changing times. Building the student persona, so that they grow, to adapt and fit into the professional arena.

Today at DSC, it is all about going “Beyond the borders of a classroom.” The spotlight is on the ‘practical’ aspect always. The PGDPC programme offers a unique experiential learning opportunity for students majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications to steer themselves into the world of reality – into the business environment.

Consider the new GenX students today. They are tech-savvy, using various tools, including Generative AI, which is in focus currently. Awareness levels are high. Additionally, the new GenX students are high on ideation which makes them experimental and entrepreneurial. In this age of ‘instant’ coffee and fast food, it often happens that ideas are great….which they can carry forward effectively. And, it’s significant that DSCians get a chance to test this out during their internships.

Look the evolving business world. With the use of the internet, expanding from metros to other big cities and Tier 2, Tier 3 towns are happening; and the need to reach out to markets that are highly segmented and getting fragmented within the segment – is becoming critical. This market need gives rise to yet another need for trained professionals who know how to use the digital space effectively. The digital platform therefore offers options in digital marketing, PR, journalism, net advertising and digital creativity. Students are exposed to webinars, Skype interactions, video conferencing, virtual meetings, online courses and more. The advantages point to – gaining speedy information (anytime-anywhere), going beyond geographical borders.

All this gears up students to meet the requirement of the complex business scenario. At DSC the progress from classroom to the workroom has evolved in a logical way, right from the beginning. And after they have passed out, the journey continues upward. We have seen our alumni climbing the layers – to reach the boardroom.

Prof Ramola Kumar, Dean, DSC observes that “DSC’s perspective from Day1 is a blend of aptitude + attitude, of sensitivity & sensibility, of fear and fire, to challenge and change the self and the universe”. She adds – “Leadership leads by creating new challenges, evolving revolutionary solutions and unravelling and laying the ground for a new future”.

Today, the attributes of strategic PR are indeed, important for any new C-suite executive. An experienced PR partner can advise on key moves and help guide decision-makers on strategies and channels that build individual careers, corporate reputation and business growth.

The dynamic forces of globalization, technology, demographics and challenging economic climate have converged to dramatically reshape the business world. And, today’s boardroom members are going all out, to successfully meet the challenges of the rapidly-changing business environment.

So, here’s a reality check. The path from classroom to boardroom is not really impossible.

Why not start your journey? Take a step forward, all you future DSCians, the time is NOW!

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