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Why is Mass Communication Essential in Media & Marketing Courses?

The Media & Marketing Communications program offered at Delhi School of Communication focuses on applying strategic knowledge to achieve marketing and communication objectives in various industries and contexts.

The Media & Marketing Communications program by DSC also covers aspects of Mass Communications Undergraduate Program as both the programs are interrelated and focuses on the study of communication processes, media channels, and audience engagement. 

Here’s how these two types of courses are interconnected:

  • Foundational Knowledge: Both mass communication program and media & marketing communication courses provide foundational knowledge in communication theory, media studies, and audience analysis. 
  • Media Channels and Platforms: Mass communication covers a wide range of media channels and platforms, including traditional media and digital media. Media & marketing communication focuses on understanding how these media channels can be effectively utilized for marketing purposes.
  • Audience Behavior and Engagement: Both these courses examine audience behavior, preferences, and engagement with media content. Mass communication courses explore theories of media effects and audience reception, while media & marketing communication courses analyze consumer behavior, market segmentation, and audience targeting strategies for marketing purposes.
  • Media Planning and Buying: Media & marketing communication courses often include topics related to media planning and buying, which involve selecting media channels and allocating budgets to reach target audiences. This requires an understanding of media consumption patterns, audience demographics, and media advertising strategies, also relevant to mass communication.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Both mass communication and media & marketing communication contribute to the concept of IMC, which emphasizes the coordination and integration of various communication channels to deliver consistent messages to consumers. Mass comm offers insights into media consumption habits and audience preferences, while media & marketing communication focuses on developing integrated marketing strategies that leverage multiple media channels effectively.

Mass communication and media & marketing communication are deeply interconnected fields that share theoretical foundations and practical applications in understanding and leveraging communication channels.

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